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Guaranteeing the services before sale, in-sale and after sale is our aim and we constantly optimize the internal management and improve the service awareness of the staff. In addition, our company is integrated with manufacturing, sales and services and our new products and services can timely and comprehensively reach the market and the customers, forming perfect product research and development mechanism and network operation mechanism.

In the sales of products, the benefit of the customers is what we first consider. Our service pursues elaboration and perfect, and we require the best from the consultation and earnest service before sale to the marketing of products in the sales process.

Powerful design and development, production, installation and debugging, technical maintenance and occasional return visit and strict quality guarantee and fast and after-sales service make sure that the customers are worry free after purchasing the product.

Send technicians to the customer’s working site for installation and debugging for free, teach the customers the know-how and provide auxiliary equipment and make sure the customers are satisfied and worry free.

Service Commitment

Company tenet: Well prepared, look far ahead and aim high
Business creed: Maximize customers’ benefits with perfect product quality
Service aim: All that we do is for the needs of customers and for all customers

Service Commitment:

Service before sale: provide project design and production flow designing, formulate the equipment purchase plan and design and manufacture products according to the special needs of the customers and train the operating personnel.
Service during sale: check and accept the equipment together with the customers and help to draw up the construction plan and detailed production flow.
Service after sale: send technicians to the working site to guide the installation and debugging of the equipment and train the operating personnel.