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Slurry Briquetting Machine

Slurry Briquetting Machine



Features:Stable rotating speed, high moulding rate and even product granularity, with low noise and little dust, etc.

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Slurry briquetting machine or coal slime briquetting machine is mainly used for pressing slurry and it has such features as high pressure and automatic feeding. The pressed pellet has high density, strength and hardness. The design principle of slurry briquetting machine is forced squeezing of rollers. The pressing roller of the coal slime briquetting machine adopts hard materials with excellent wear-resisting performance, thus effectively prolonging the service life of the rollers. This series of briquette machine equipment also includes coal briquette machine, desulfurization gypsum briquette machine and ore powder briquetting machine.

Slurry briquetting machine

Performance Features

1. Stable rotating speed, high moulding rate and even product granularity.

2. The pressing pressure is even higher than before, and the pressure is adjustable, so that the quality of final products is excellent.

3. The pressing system is safe and reliable and the spare parts are convenient to be changed, and the maintenance work amount is small.

4. The structure of this ball press machine is simple and compact, thus saving site and making the work reliable.

5. The demoulding is smooth, with low noise and little dust.

6. According to the customers’ requirement, this machine can press the materials into various shapes.

Slurry Briquetting Machine

Working Principle

Slurry briquetting machine is the crucial equipment of the slurry pressing technology and its structure directly influences the petteting quality of slurry. The main model of the pressing machine is roller pressing machine which has a pair of cylinder wheel with parallel axis, same diameter and some gap between them and on which there are many hemisphere pits with the same shape and size and regular arrangement.

Driven by the motor, the two cylinder wheels rotate with the same speed and in the opposite direction. When the materials fall into the juncture of the two cylinder wheels, they begin to sustain the pressure, and volume compression will produce between two ball pits. When the cylinder wheels continuously rotate, the ball pits will gradually close, the pressing pressure will increase. When the distance of two ball pits reach the smallest, the pressing pressure reaches the peak. Then the cylinder wheels will rotate to make the ball pits gradually move away from each other, and the pressing pressure will quickly decrease. When the pressing pressure reduces to zero, the pelleted slurry will swell and fall off.

Technical Data of Slurry Briquetting Machine

Model Roller size (mm) Speed of mainshaft (r/min) Model model Motor power (kw) Output (t/h) Dimension (m)
FTM360-2 360×250 15-17 Y132M-4 7.5 3-5 2.2×1.5×1.76
FTM400-2 400×250 15-17 Y132M-4 7.5 4-7 2.2×1.38×1.9
FTM430-2 430×250 15-17 Y132M-4 7.5 5-8 2.3×1.53×1.9
FTM500-2 500×350 15-17 Y160L-4 15 8-10 2.6×1.75×2.1
FTM650-2 650×350 15-17 Y180L-4 22 12-20 3.42×2×2.2
FTM750-2 750×380 14-16 Y200L-4 30 25-30 3.7×2.55×2.6
FTM850-2 850×436 14-16 Y225S-4 37 35-40 3.9×2.6×2.7
FTM1000-2 1000×530 14-16 Y225M-4 45 40-45 4×2.8×2.8

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