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The Playback of the Eccentric Shaft Fault of Ore Powder Briquette Machine

We often speak of the fault of eccentric shaft, but there are still some users who care nothing for it. As a consequence, the fault happens. Not only the eccentric shaft fracture happens, but also the whole ore powder briquette machine breaks down. In order to prevent this problem from happening once more, today I would like to talk about the eccentric shaft faults of ore powder briquette machine again.

Ore Powder Briquette Machine

In fact, it is not impossible to avoid the eccentric shaft malfunctions, as long as everyone do in line with the following several aspects.

First, during the process of suspension setting, the machine must be kept balanced. Because once out of balance, it will makes the eccentric shaft of ore powder briquette machine suffer an excessive force unilaterally and then cause the eccentric shat bending.

Second, in the daily use, do not keep the ore powder briquette machine operating overloaded. Because the long-term overload operation can result in eccentric bending and accelerate equipment aging. As a result, the service life of ore powder briquette machine cannot be guaranteed.

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