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The Relationship between Feeding and Balling Rate of Coal Ball Press Machine

What the users care about most are the balling effect and balling rate. Then, what's the relationship between the feeding of coal ball press machine and its balling rate. The feeding methods of FTM coal ball press machine can be classified into two types: high strength feeding and gravity feeding.

Coal Ball Press Machine

In order to ensure the balling effect of coal ball press machine, the most important is to guarantee equipment's working strength. But how to guarantee the balling rate? It is relevant to the feeding method of coal ball press machine. It is definite tha feeding has a close relationship with balling rate.

When the coal ball press machine is working, it not only must guarantee the supply of raw materials, but also needs to ensure that the materials between the rollers are not enough, or the ball sockets will not be filled up sufficiently, which may result in unstable forming shape. However, it doesn't means that material balling rate will increase all the way with the increase of feeding. In fact, when the feeding rate reaches a certain level, the balling rate of the materials will not enlarge accordingly.

How to determine the proper feeding rate? It only needs to ensure that all of the materials supplied can arrive to rollers entirely. In this way, we can make a better use of equipment and materials and achieve the most desired result. In a word, the coal ball press machine has to guarantee the supply of pressure, as well as a certain feeding, so as to promote the balling rate.