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2015 Hot-Selling Pulverized Coal Briquetting Machine

In our company, pulverized coal briquetting machine is one of the numerous briquette machines. It's able to quickly and efficiently suppress coal powder into oval balls, 3 to10 mm in diameter. The production process is clean and low-noise. FTM pulverized coal briquetting machine fully conforms to the requirement of sustainable development and recycling economy advocated by our country in virtue of its characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection. FTM new type of pulverized coal briquetting machine through the constant researches and improvements of our scientific research personnel, has a stronger briquetting pressure and better briquette shape. Moreover, the revolution number of its main engine is adjustable and the coal briquettes produced by it can be burn longer and more complete, deeply favored by the wide users!

Pulverized Coal Briquetting Machine

The working principle of pulverized coal briquetting machine is very complicated. To put it simply, the briquette machine makes use of the power provided by the hydraulic device to drive the two rollers to rotate and squeeze continuously. Under the pressure of high strength, the materials shape up in the groove of the roller device. In fact, the internal operations of pulverized coal briquetting machine is much more complicated. If you need more detailed information, please contact us. We will provide you with a detailed explanation according to your actual situation.

We have a great variety of briquette machines for sale. In addition to pulverized coal briquetting machine, our company still produces many other types of briquette machines suitable for the suppression operations of various raw materials, such as coke powder, coal gangue, lime powder, mineral powder, metal powder and so on. Customers are welcome to our company for field trips.