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Shall We Most Concern the Price When Buying Briquette Press Machine?

Through many years of summary, we find that when consulting briquette press machine more than half of the customers usually take how much is this equipment as their first sentence. This is understandable, but is it right to focus on the price only? Of course not. What shall we concern most is equipment quality and service life, then it’s the price.

Briquette Press Machine

Fote Machinery here suggests the wide customers paying more attention to the key point which determines the service life of briquette press machine -- the roller skin. The service life of roller skin directly determines the later-period investment of briquette press machine. Therefore, it is crucial to look through the roller skin before purchasing the briquette press machine.

1. The roller skin material.

The roller skin of briquette machines can be made from several materials, such as 65 Mn, 9 Cr and 2 Mo, high chromium alloy, etc. Different roller skin materials correspond to different materials when pressing.

2. The integrating degree of the roller skins.

In general, we suggest that the briquette press machine should adopt the alloyed roller skin, especially the mineral powder briquette machine. But only good material is far from enough, because it also requires excellent manufacturing process. The practicability of roller skin also depends on whether the two pieces of roller skins are completely aligned. The improper conjunction of roller skins is mainly reflected in that the ball sockets on the roller skin are unable to align well. Ball sockets directly affect the forming shape and only well-aligned ball sockets can make the shape of the finished product up to standard.

So before purchasing, customers must pay more attention to the roller skin material, processing technique, integrating degree and other related issues, to ensure the quality of the whole machine, effectively reduce equipment cost and increase profits.