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What Problems Should Customers Notice When Buying Briquette Maker?

Now there are a lot of briquette maker sellers in domestic, which briquette maker manufacturer has the best quality and best after-sale service? How can customers select the most suitable briquetting equipment from the mass manufacturers?

The general procedures of choosing a briquette maker: demand-orientation -- let different manufacturers design production schemes - - compare production schemes -- field trip to equipment manufacturers -- compare product price, quality and after-sales service -- procurement decision -- conclude the transaction.

Briquette Maker

In the process of on-the-spot investigation on the manufacturer, there are still some details in the three major steps needing more attention.

1. Pre-sales: Carefully question the model selection and design technique of the briquetting equipment and its supporting equipment to see if the manufacturer has the ability of independent design and production, if it can customize a specific type of briquette maker according to customer’s special requirements and if it provide technical personnel for training site planning, design scheme for production flow and other services.

2. On-purchase: After determining the manufacturer, the user should ask the manufacturer to formulate concrete construction plan and to provide equipment installation and maintenance and establishment and maintenance of the production process flow. Meanwhile, the user should actively communicate with sales staff and complete the acceptance of the equipment with the specific person in charge.

3. After-sales: To see if the after-sales service is perfect and if equipment installation and debugging is strictly controlled by professional and technical personnel. The user can complete commissioning with the help of professional and technical personnel to observe if the equipment runs normally, if there is any quality problem, if the production efficiency conforms to requirements, and if equipment repair has access to professionals, etc.