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Quick Lime Dry Powder Briquette Machine Draws People’s Attention

Briquette machine has many advantages and is favored by many customers. It can be used to suppress coal powder, gypsum, oxide scale, iron powder, coking coal, aluminum powder, carbon powder, charcoal powder, ore tailings, iron filings, kaolin, activated carbon, slag sludge, and other powder or waste residue, widely applied in refractory materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, transportation, energy, power plants, heating and other fields. After having been processed and molded by briquette machine, the final product is in line with energy conservation and environmental protection, and convenient to transport. The finished products are of great economic and social benefits and effectively improve waste utilization rate.

Quick Lime Dry Powder Briquette Machine

All the waste materials and auxiliary materials needing to be fed into furnace in metallurgical industry cannot leave briquette machine, almost without exception. Such as the dust, mud, oxide skin, steel slag, powdered iron, aluminum ash, silicon manganese ore powder, and so on.

In our country, the fine lime powder in metallurgical industry are mostly abandoned or used for other purposes, causing a great waste to resources. With the growing shortage in natural resources and energy resources, the application of quick lime dry powder briquette machine has drawn more and more people's attention.

It is far from enough for machinery installation to refer to the directions only. There are still many problems needing paying attention to during the installation.

The first thing is to tighten all the foundation bolts and connective screws, and add enough lubricating oil to the reducer gear. Then power on and debug the equipment rotation, keeping it from running inversely. Make the stand-alone idle for running in, and after there is not any abnormity, give the whole line a test run, unloaded. Then stop to check after the whole line running for an hour. Firstly check the tightness condition of all the bolts. If any of them is loose, we should do a good job in the second fastening.