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What's the Influences Caused by Model Difference of Briquetting Machine?

To the same item, some people prefer to buy the large size, while some are prone to the small one. In choosing briquetting machine model, many purchasers often favor the large sized one instead of considering their actual demand. Though there is no right or wrong, the choice of model number should be determined depending on their own production requirements.

Briquette Machine

Different model of briquetting machine means different production capacity. The capacity of a set of briquetting machine may be 5 tons, while that of another set of machine may achieve 10 tons within the same time. Then someone doubts that is it better to choose a larger sized one? In fact, this is just one of the reference standard, the different usage effects of different types should also be taken into account.

1. Different investment cost

The large sized briquetting machine costs much more money than the small one. So under the limited budget, if the small one can completely meet the production requirements, then there is no need to spend more money to purchase a larger equipment.

2. Different energy consumption

The larger the briquetting machine is, the greater the production capacity will be, meanwhile, the higher the energy consumption becomes. Because the better configuration on the motor and so on, will doubtlessly increase production cost, which is also necessary to consider.

3. Different Perspectives

Some users' production requirements may be relatively stable, and some others may have a certain fluctuation to the requirement of production capacity. The users of stable production demand is suitable for choosing a matching model, and to the users of fluctuant production requirements, it's more appropriate to choose a relatively larger one to cope with the possibility of production capacity increase. In conclusion, there are many factors to consider when selecting a proper briquetting machine.