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Function and Investment Notes of Dry Powder Ball Pressing Machine

Dry powder ball pressing machine is a crucial mechanical machine with pretty wide application. Under the rapid and convenient development background, such equipment is indispensable. Dry powder ball press machine is a machine used for pelletizing the bulk waste materials in such industries as fly ash, sediment, scale cinder, slag and bementite powders and it has a great significance to the companies as it determines whether the company can run normally, for this reason, dry powder ball pressing machine needs our particular protection and it is necessary to carry our regular maintenance and examination on this machine to ensure its normal operation.

The investment cost of dry powder ball press machine is huge, so that it is necessary to evade safety risks. When inspecting the equipment, first, determine the hourly output to inspect the ball press machine with this output. Ask about the diameter of the principal axis, check the type of the bearing, producing area, compression roller material and texture report to avoid being tricked. More importantly, observe the precision of the processing equipment and the processing capacity as the out-of-date processing equipment can only produce low-quality spare parts. Check whether the machine is hydraulic driven as without hydraulic pressure as powerful thrust, a dry powder ball pressing machine cannot produce high-density pellet. Hydraulic force is the active pressure and the rest is passive pressure.

Henan Fote ball press machine is in good taste and has high rigidity. The compression roller is casted with wear-resisting alloy and the bearing adopts rolling mill bearing series. The main axis adopts big-diameter 40cr steel with thermal refining and the hydraulic system is provided by large companies. The application purpose of dry powder ball press machine is to reduce dust pollution, control capacity and recycle and reuse waste materials.