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How to Determine the Working Effect of Briquette Machine?

In order to test the working efficiency of briquette machine, you should firstly conduct the industrial analysis on all kinds of coal and other raw materials. At the same time, you should conduct the on-the-spot investigation of ceramic kiln to make sure the constraint conditions of fuel briquette, which can ensure the briquette strength index, quality index and the granularity and applicability of the kiln furnace. In laboratory adhesive screening experiments, screen and optimize the binder according to these constraints. The determination methods of briquette performance index are as follows:

Briquette Machine

1. Cold strength: randomly select 10 briquettes, put them one by one flat on the intelligent particle strength testing machine for pressure feed test, indicating the record of each coal cracking pressure value, calculating the average value, and the unit is N/ball. The ball strength value and the average error is in the range of +50N for the effective test, and the environment temperature is 25 ℃.

2. Thermal strength: randomly selected 10 briquettes, filled with clean sand buried in the box (single place, 5 ball each time), at 850 constant temperature for 30 minutes, and then remove immediately after the measurement of the compressive value, calculating the average value, the unit is N/ball.

3. Immersion strength: randomly selected 10 briquette immersed in 25℃ water purification. Determine its cold strength after 2 hours to take the average value, the unit is N/ball.

4. The proximate analysis of calorific value, sulfur content, chemical activity, slag and ash fusion are measured respectively in accordance with the relevant national standards.

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