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The Quality Judging Methods of Briquette Machines

The materials after being pressed by the briquette machines have convenient transportation and storage, which effectively improve the utilization rate of waste, so to bring good economic benefits and social benefits for the big, medium and small enterprises. Therefore, it is widely used in various materials pressing operations such as iron powder, slag, steel slag, iron oxide and refractory materials. In order to judge whether the processing technology of briquette machine is good or bad, it should be judged from the casting materials of the machine, motor configuration and pressure roller quality, each component of welding technology have to observe. Although the briquette machine has concentrated advantages of various briquettes making equipment, only buy high-quality briquette machine can it play its function. Here, the research and production staff of briquette machine reminds customers that in the purchase of briquette, you must notice the processing technology.

Briquette Machines

The majority of briquette equipment manufacturers is in large production scale, but basically is the small factory management, for example, its personnel management is loose, which will have rough work. First of all, talk about the defects of small factory production. The roller is the important part of briquette machine, the materials with Mn13 above is excellent. While the small factory production of roller material basically has not reached the standard of Mn13. Inferior roll for a period of time will have to change, which is a waste of human and financial resources. Therefore, when buying the briquette equipment, we should ask manufacturers about roller material, when necessary, inspect it. Reducer is the transmission part of briquette machine, the motor has to be copper core; otherwise, the finished pressing strength cannot reach up to standard requirements. Reducer r must find the regular manufacturers, and its casing and ratio are the most important things.

After the purchasing briquette machines, it can enter the debugging stage. At this time, consider whether its needs to add adhesive during the pressing processes. Pay attention to the following problems: what standards the pressing strength has to achieve, how to deal with the products, how to reduce the breakage rate of product, etc. After considering these problems, you can safely run production.