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Magnesium Powder Briquette Machine Has Humanized Design

Among the briquette machines, magnesium powder briquette machine has been ceaselessly approved by the customers. The equipment is mainly used for the suppression of magnesium powder material which is difficult to form, and its characteristics mainly include high forming pressure and adjustable main engine revolution. Magnesium powder briquette machine is equipped with a spiral feeding device. Its structure comprises a feeding part, a transmission part and a shaping part, each part obviously highlights the humanization design, which not only brings convenient operation, but also improves the production efficiency.

Magnesium Powder Briquette Machine

The feeding part of magnesium powder briquetting machine is to achieve quantitative feeding to ensure uniform access of materials to the rollers. Screw feeding device is driven by electromagnetic adjustable speed motor. Through the rotation of belt wheel and the worm reducer, the materials will be forced into the feeding inlet. Due to the torque characteristics of the electromagnetic adjustable speed motor, when pressing amount and the host machine of spiral feeder is equal to the quantity of materials needed, it can maintain constant feeding pressure, so that the pellet quality and stability will be guaranteed.

Main transmission system is: motor - belt- roller- wheel -speed reducer. The host is powered by an electromagnetic speed regulating motor. Through the belt pulley and the cylindrical gear reducer, the power is transmitted to the driving shaft through pin coupling. The passive bearing seat is provided with a hydraulic device behind. Hydraulic protection device is composed of a hydraulic pump, which can press the oil into the hydraulic cylinder to produce axial displacement. The piston rod is connected with the front head on the bearing seat in order to meet the requirement of production pressure.

The forming part mainly refers to the part of the host, and the core part is the roll. When the two rollers have too much feed or the metal blocks fall into the rollers, cylinder, and the hydraulic pump will stop, the accumulator of magnesium powder briquette machine has buffer action on pressure change, and the relief valve opens to oil. The piston rod makes the roller gap displacement increase so hard through the roller. The machine can adjust the pressure according to the ball pressing density requirements, which has flexible production.