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The Detailed Molding Analysis of Coal Briquette Machine

Coal briquette machine can press raw coal into balls at one time. Because coal briquette are the essential raw materials in building materials and cement industry, many enterprises have increased the comprehensive utilization of coal briquette. Coal briquette machine can successfully press coal briquette powder into balls at one time, which has high yield and high ball forming rate. No matter from the material itself or from the product analysis of experiment results, the application of coal briquette is very extensive in the building materials industry.

Coal Briquette Machine

Coal briquette machine can press all kinds of iron powder, mineral powder, iron oxide, steel slag, refractory material, etc. Those powder materials that need firing need to use coal briquette machine. The device can mould coal briquette powder, without adding in disposable adhesive, and the ball forming rate is above 95%. The hardness of pressed ball is very strong, and it is not easy to broken during the transferring period. Then the finished product will be supplied to the cement plant instead of natural gypsum. Coal briquette machine can press coal briquette machine without adding any binder, and the purity of briquette product has been guaranteed. It is suitable for all kinds of transport, which improves the product transportation capacity; coal briquette machine has the advantages of compact structure, convenient maintenance, simple operation, short process flow, low energy consumption and low failure rate.

This machine has a buffer device, which can better protect the device against the impact from hard object. This machine is designed with the ball bowl, the adjustable device makes the two roller ball bowl always within the adjustable range and never misplace. The briquette machine demoulding rate is100%, and the ball forming rate of the equipment is more than 90%. The finished coal briquette product reduces the waste of resources, reduces the transport and failure rate and the ecological environment pollution. It also can provide products that meet the market demand for the society, which has achieved the realization of social benefit, economic benefits and environmental benefit.