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How to Choose a Suitable Desulphurization Gypsum Pressure Ball Machine?

As the industrial model of ball press machine, Fote Heavy Machinery has a long history in producing ball press machine and has accumulated rich and excellent experience through many years of manufacturing and production practice. Since eighteen years again, our company has researched and manufactured over ten types of briquette machines series with different specifications and applications. In addition, our company has gained two state authorized patents and been named as patent model enterprises by Zhengzhou Intellectual Property Office.

Desulphurization gypsum is a type of materials difficult to be pelletized among various materials as it has big compression strength and high water content, so that it has special requirement for the pressing equipment. Fote desulphurization gypsum pressure ball press has many advantages such as compact structure, convenient maintenance, easy operation, short technical process, low energy consumption and failure rate. The main roller part adopts 9 chromium 2molydbenum vitrioil casting, thus greatly improving the wear resistance and voltage endurance capability, so that this machine has a long service life. Fote Heavy Machinery has a brand-new knowledge and means in design, materials and processing of desulphurization gypsum pressure ball machine, and the manufacturers without rich experience can never ensure equipment safety, so that customers can never take it lightly. First, customers should inspect the processing equipment, including its ability, precision and materials used. In the production of desulphurization gypsum, it is difficult to demould due to high water content, so that we need to do research from design, first design geometrical shape, second is material used. The materials used should have high density, high hardness and smoothness and have abrasion resistance and easy demoulding, which have great significance on the production of final products.

Fote desulphurization gypsum pressure ball press can press the desulphurization gypsum powders into pellets for one time, and the output is big and the pelletizing rate is high. In addition, the pelletized balls have high hardness, so that they are not easy to break in the carrying, loading and unloading process.