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How to Debug the Material Water Content of Dry Powder Briquette Machine?

Dry powder briquette machine has extensive practical applications, which can press powder materials without moisture into balls or blocks. The pressed balls can be directly used in metallurgy, coal, building materials, chemical industry, electric power, refractory and other industries. In the processing of the machine, if the material is too dry, it is easy to appear the two hemispheres and ball broken phenomenon; if the material is too wet, the ball is easy to cause the sticky or full materials in the briquette machine and it may cause the stuffy phenomenon. How to debug the water content of raw material in the dry powder briquette machine? Here is the answer:

Dry powder briquette machine

We must firstly understand the basic structure and components of dry powder briquette machine. It is composed of three parts: feeding, transmission and forming parts. The feeding part is important to complete the quantitative feeding to ensure the average access of materials into rolls. The transmission part is the main driving system of the machine: motor-triangle strip-accelerating machine-open gear-roll. Molding part is an important part, which refers to the center roll. Secondly, in briquette production process, the material moisture must be strictly controlled, and the raw material moisture debugging position is generally in the stirrer. The general water contents of materials mainly include: the binder with lime and clay molding is 18-20%; binder with pulp or humic acid forming is 10-12%; when adopting composite binder forming is 11-13%; using asphalt molding 2-4%; no adhesive lignite forming 12-18%; no adhesive weathering anthracite extrusion molding 15-18%; no adhesive powder molding moisture less than 2%. The debugging process of pellet production line is not only the adjustment test on the process, but also the training, internships and training process of operation and maintenance personnel.

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