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Desulfurization Gypsum Briquette Machine Realizes Technology Innovation

Desulfurization gypsum briquette machine can press desulfurized gypsum powder, phosphor gypsum and natural gypsum into balls at one time without adding any binder, which has high ball forming rate, high yield, high strength, convenient transportation and storage. Fote Machinery takes innovation as the main propulsion for the future development trends of gypsum briquetting machine, as well as high-tech as the index, so as to deepen the study on desulfurization gypsum. We are aimed at creating low carbon, green, high efficiency coal briquette machines for customers. The conclusion after comprehensive investigation is that, identify the running state and health state of a machine is to make maintenance plan and carry out optimization and adjustment of its operation condition.

Desulfurization gypsum briquette machine

Over the years, the desulfurization gypsum briquette machine market is in rapid development, which makes cooperative mining machine career tendency becomes more and more fierce, so as to occupy a position in the marketplace.The obvious advantage of Fote desulfurization gypsum briquette machine is that the high moisture content of desulfurization can also be one-time pressed into balls, which does not need the addition of binder, so that the purity of the product is fully guaranteed. After long-time research and development, Fote Machinery has successfully applied new materials to desulfurization gypsum briquette machine, which has largely reduced the wear of wearing parts according feedbacks of customers. It also reduces costs and labor intensity. In addition, it is favorable for the normal operation of the entire production line to create additional values for customers.

Fote Machinery is professional in the production of gypsum briquetting machines, which include flue gas desulfurization gypsum briquetting machine and phosphogypsum briquetting machine. Currently, many power plants and cement plants have put gypsum briquetting machines into use, and the effect is very good. We have successfully signed the implementation of desulfurization gypsum production line with many customers, so as to realize the waste recycling purpose. If customers want to know more information about our professional desulfurization gypsum production line, you can visit our production sites.