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Importance of Hydraulic Protection Device for Dry Powder Briquette Machine

Dry powder briquette machine has wide application ranges, which can suppress a variety of materials. It is one of the significant briquette machines in the market with great demand at present. After molding, the materials are energy saving, environmental protection and convenient transportation, which improves the utilization rate of waste, and it has good economic benefit and social benefit. The roll skin of dry powder briquette machine adopts 65 manganese casting. Through a special heat treatment, its hardness can reach above 58 degrees. The roll skin uses combined assembly, which can be replaced after wearing. Dry powder briquette machine has a buffer device, which can better protect the device against a hard object impact. The design of machine includes a ball bowl adjustable device, which makes the two roller ball bowl always within the adjustable range and never dislocation. The most commendable part of the briquette machine is the unique hydraulic protection device.

Dry Powder Briquette Machine

Hydraulic protection device is composed of a hydraulic pump to press oil into the hydraulic cylinder, and the piston will produce axial displacement. The piston rod is connected with the front head on the bearing seat in order to meet the requirement of production pressure. When the two rollers feed too much or the metal block enters into the cylinder, the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder pressure overload, hydraulic pump will stop; the accumulator on pressure change has buffer action. The relief valve opens to oil; the piston rod will make the roller gap displacement increase so that the hard object by pressing roller and the pressure recovery system normally, which can protect the roller damage. The machine can adjust the pressure according to the pressure ball density requirements to realize flexible production. Therefore, at present, each manufacturer are largely eliminated the oblique iron as pressing the ball machine, the modified dry powder briquette machine is fully approved by the vast number of customers.

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