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Fote Machinery is the Reliable Mineral Powder Briquette Machine Supplier

Mineral powder briquette machine is a kind of high strength and high pressure type machine to press mineral powder materials into balls. The normal operation of mineral powder briquette machine depends on the process from installation to debugging, which is a complex process. It is related to the safe production aspects of mineral powder briquette machine, so the maintenance work need to be done on the power device, transmission device, the operating personnel, facilities links, etc. The safety hazards will generally exist in these places. In order to ensure the production safety of the briquette machine, high quality is the most basic element for enterprises. In daily life, we often see some accidents, and there are a large part is caused by unqualified product itself quality. In addition to maintenance and daily repair of the equipment, the operator with a good safety consciousness is the guarantee for the highly efficient operation of mineral powder briquette machine in the production process. Fote mineral powder briquette machine has high quality and credibility level in the market, which is trustworthy for purchase.

Mineral Powder Briquette Machine

Mineral powder briquette machine uses a vibration motor excitation working principle, when the two motors are doing synchronization and reverse rotation, the eccentric block vibration profits will be generated in the motor axis parallel direction, and then it will cancel each other out. In the direction perpendicular to the motor shaft, the material in the mineral powder briquette machine will present the linear motion leaping in the screening of briquette machine surface. A reasonable match screen is to achieve the purpose of screening of powder material, which is the working principle of mineral powder briquette machine. The mineral powder briquette machine produced by Fote Machinery improvement after the machine can adjust the equipment flexibly after the new design, which can make two roller ball bowls always within the adjustable range and no dislocation. So the utilization of waste material rate can be greatly improved, and the production cost can reduce a lot, which is needless to say. The materials produced by briquette machine after molding is energy saving and environmental protection, which has convenient transportation, high utilization rate as well as good economic and social benefit.

Fote Machinery is a modern high-tech enterprise which mainly produces large and medium briquetting machines, such as mineral powder briquetting machine, fluorite powder briquetting machine, dry powder briquetting machine, strong pressure briquetting machine, desulfurization gypsum briquetting machine and the accessory equipment of briquetting machines. Our products have passed the IS09001:2000 international quality system certification, which successfully enter into the international market. If you need more details about briquetting machine price, please send mails to or click our online customer service!