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The Application of Coke Powder Briquette Machine in Metallurgy Industry

In the metallurgical industry, briquette machine equipment has wide applications, which involves in the metal forming and powder production, such as ore processing, ferrous metal smelting non-ferrous metal smelting as well as steelmaking plant of iron making plant or non-ferrous metal purification. With the development of science and technology, the technology of mining equipment has been improved and upgraded greatly, so that we can use coke powder briquette machine to press powdered materials into the balls to be directly put into the smelting furnace for the smelting operations. 

coke powder briquette machine

Coke powder briquette machine is kind of mechanical equipment, which can put the suppression of commonly used materials in metallurgy industry into a ball, so as to improve the transport conditions of powdery material, and it can also improve the burning point of materials. Coke powder briquette machine, carbon powder briquette machine and other equipment are used widely in metallurgical industry.

1) Low sulfur high-quality cooked coke with needle shape can be used in the manufacturing of ultra high power graphite electrode and some special carbon products, which is an important material for the technology development of electric furnace steelmaking industry;

2) Ordinary cooked sulfur coke can be used for the comprehensive utilization of aluminum smelting industry, which can improve the added value of aluminum products;

3) The ordinary coke with high sulfur can be used for chemical manufacturing of calcium carbide, silicon carbide, etc. It also can be used as fuel for the metal casting.

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