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Desulfurization Gypsum Briquette Machine Boosts the Prosperity of Economy

The application and utilization of desulfurization gypsum briquette machine can reduce an industrial waste emission, which is conducive to environmental protection. Overstock will cause the secondary pollution, which also needs to increase the cost of transportation and stacking. After processing of desulfurization gypsum, it can be reused again, and the cement retarder is priced at about 95 yuan/ton. In accordance with the relevant policies of the state, the processing and utilization of industrial waste residue can be exempted from value-added tax and reduction of income tax. So, the processing and utilization of desulfurization gypsum briquette machine is in line with national advocacy of 'circular economy', 'construction saving society' and 'sustainable development' policies.

Desulfurization Gypsum Briquette Machine

At present, the comprehensive utilization of desulfurization gypsum has become more mature in the world, and with the formation of more useful technology and advanced equipment, domestic gypsum comprehensive treatment and application has already formed the industrialization, large-scale and specialization production situations, which already have practical experience. The premise from Germany advanced technology, desulfurization gypsum briquette machine has been widely used. Desulfurization gypsum, fly ash and other dry materials can be put into the mixer after measurement, and then is transported to the desulfurization gypsum briquette machine. The ball products transferred by belt conveyor into the finished product library can be used as cement retarder after aging. The total consumption of 84% gypsum as cement retarder in China, and other developed countries 45% of the total for the cement amount. After the completion of desulfurization unit, the desulfurization gypsum sales direction is mainly used for cement retarder. It should be selected in the area for the nearby cement production base in the surrounding power plant. Desulphurization gypsum made for cement retarder in the foreign and domestic have precedent and the domestic power plant with desulphurization gypsum as retarder project has been successful.

Fote Machinery is professional in the production of gypsum briquetting machines, which include flue gas desulfurization gypsum briquetting machine and phosphogypsum briquetting machine. Currently, many power plants and cement plants have put gypsum briquetting machines into use, and the effect is very good. We have successfully signed the implementation of desulfurization gypsum production line with many customers, so as to realize the waste recycling purpose. If customers want to know more information about our professional desulfurization gypsum production line, you can visit the production sites.