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How About the Wear Resistance of Dry Powder Briquette Machine?

The wear resistance of dry powder briquette machine is closely related to the spindle and forming part. The bearing in the spindle as well as the roller and the roller sheet in the forming part are the wearing parts of the briquetting machine. Its wear-resisting performance directly influences the service life and the molding process of the briquette machine. The wear resistance of the spindle components mainly refers to whether the wearing parts can keep the original precision for a long time, which is the precision of retention. The wearing parts of the spindle mainly include bearing and positioning installation tool, work piece surface and taper hole, in addition to mobile spindle, outer guide surface, etc.

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If the spindle is equipped with rolling bearings, its wear resistance of the bearing point has nothing to do with the shaft neck of the rolling bearing; if it is sliding bearing, the wear resistance accuracy has great influence on the accuracy of retention shaft. The spindle assembly accuracy marks in the no load condition of the working accuracy and good stiffness, so that the wear resistance of the bearing capacity and the equipment is good; the thermal deformation performance is good, which is a sign of good dynamic characteristics of spindle. The wear resistance of dry powder briquette machine determines its work to maintain the accuracy of its performance, but t in addition to keep its working performance, dry powder briquette machine still should pay attention to the rationality in its structure.

1) The reliable positioning of the spindle. With the cutting and driving forces, the spindle should have a reliable radial and axial positioning; the cutting force of the double spindle will turn the power to the case base position, which requires the spindle structure more compact and simple.

2) Good processing technology and structure. In the guaranteed performance premise of the briquette, facilitate the loading, unloading and repair as far as possible. Reasonably arrange the adjustable link and reliable positioning. With good lubrication and sealing effect, it can ensure the long-term reliable operation of dry powder briquette machine.

3) The structure of the spindle shall ensure that the work piece or tool clamping has convenient and reliable positioning, in addition, the choice of material as well as the heat treatment method of the spindle and the bearing should be correct, so as to improve the wear resistance of dry powder briquette machine.