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Method of Regulating the Speed of Briquette Machine

The high pressure roller ball press machine researched and manufactured by Fote Machinery pioneers the double-roll ball press machine industry in our country. Compared with common roller ball press machine, this machine can set up stable high pressure at the pelleting point of the roller through controlling the biting amount of materials and the speed of the roller to make the materials be pelleted under high pressure. The pelleting pressure is related to the biting amount of the materials and the rotating speed of the roller. When a briquette machine is working, the two correlative quantities have an optimum matching working point which can be reached through regulating the speed of the briquette machine.

Seen from the dragging point, there is hydraulic speed regulation and electric speed regulation which can be divided into DC regulation and AC regulation. DC motor has excellent performance of speed regulation, but its structure is more complicated than that of AS motor, and the maintenance work of commutator part is high and commutation is more difficult when the speed is high, which limits its application range. After electronic technology and computer technology are introduced to AC speed regulation field, some developed countries have replace DC speed regulation with AC speed regulation in the production field. In our country, the speed regulation of AC motor has been successfully applied in recent years.

As gas making core coal has very strict standard for the content requirement of the ball binders, the charcoal briquette machine is equipped with three-axis vertical mixing procedure and planetary forced mixing procedure, and the AC burdening is changed to fixed burdening, which can precisely control the two factors.

Through the comparison of the two methods of speed regulation, we can know that adopting frequency control method to regulate the running speed of high pressure roll ball machine is the most reasonable.