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How to Select a Low Consumption Coal Briquette Machine?

Coal briquette machine

Coal briquette machine can press coal powder, coke powder, coal gangue, and fly ash into ball shape. It not only reduces energy consumption, but also promotes the sustainable development strategy in China. There are many coal briquette machine manufacturers, when buying coal briquette machine, you should choose the manufacturer who has real technical strengths. During the following passage, Fote Machinery will tell you how to select a low consumption coal briquette machine:

1. The operation stability.

The operation of coal briquette machine should be interval, but smooth and continuous. Otherwise, it will not only affect the product quality of coal briquette machine, but also affect its service life. Our company recommends that customers can choose the PLC program control start as well as the hydraulic system and vibration molding pressure, which can ensure the compactness and strength of the products and reduce the damage of its hardware.

2. The feeding mode.

During the long time operation of coal briquette machine, feeding mode is the key factor which influences the production of the briquette machine. Whether the feeding mode of the briquette machine is applicable, or whether it is easy to use affect the usability of the machine, which also influences its energy consumption. We recommend that customers to use compulsory feeding mode, which can ensure that each product in the molding box can feed quickly, fully, uniformly and densely.

Fote Machinery is specialized in the production of coal briquette machines, which can press briquette into balls for one time with high yield and high hardness. It has been applied to many domestic power plants, coal washing plants and coal briquette plants, which has achieved good results. The coal briquetting machine produced by Fote Machinery has high ball forming rate, strong hardness of pressed balls, not easy to be broken during handling, which is well approved by customers. The finished balls can be used by power plant, coal washing plant and briquette factory. If you want to know more, you can pay a visit to our coal briquette production sites.