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How to Improve the Ball Forming Rate of Dry Powder Briquette Machine?

Dry Powder Briquette Machine

Dry powder briquetting machine is mainly used for pressing powder material which is difficult to be molded by the compressor as well as the materials with less water content. Its characteristic is high forming pressure, adjustable host speed with a spiral feeding device. Dry powder briquette machine is often used to press all kinds of iron powder, iron oxide skin, slag, magnesium oxide powder, refractory and so on. Usually, the powder materials which need firing are suitable for dry powder briquette machine. In order to improve the ball forming rate of the dry powder briquette machine , Fote Machinery has summarized two schemes to improve the ball forming rate based on years of production experience:

The first scheme: the ball forming rate of dry powder briquette machine is associated with the gaps between particles. As long as the gap between materials is controlled to a certain extent in the operation of dry powder briquette machine, the ball forming rate will soon increase. In order to achieve such effect, the roller should be given certain pressure, so it depends on the quality of roller produced by briquette machine manufacturers.

The second scheme: the pressing granulation process can press powdered gypsum with about 10% water directly into balls; it is stacked in material shed, so that it can be dried naturally. Granular desulphurization gypsum can meet the normal cement production requirements, which has solved the ball forming rate problem from the fundamental aspect.

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