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Coal Briquette Machine Spares No Effort to Solve the Smog Problem

Coal Briquette Machine

In recent years, the strength of air pollution control in China is quite big, especially in northern China; a lot of small coal-fired boilers have been removed. On the other hand, large-scale coal-fired boiler of raw materials must adopt briquette. With the construction of coal briquette production lines, the standards of coal briquette production are very high, and the quality requirements are much stricter! As everyone knows, serious pollutions are related with coal combustion. The treatment of smog and the use of clean combustion o raw materials are the great support to this action! Therefore we can say, the use briquette has great significance for environmental protection.

Since the birth of coal briquette machine, we have been committed to the development and production of briquetting equipment. Over the years, Fote Machinery continues to study and research, who has become the leading manufacturers in central plain region. The machine is developed to adapt to the social development, we have higher requirements of the ball shape and intensity. It can be said that, briquette machine equipment is not only conducive to energy-saving, but also prolongs the combustion time of briquette. On the other hand, briquette is also beneficial to environmental protection combustion, which can also reduce the production of powder ash. At the transport level, molding coal products are more convenient for transportation.

Fote Machinery is a specialized coal briquette machine manufacturer in China. The output of single briquette machine can reach 3--50 tons / hour to meet different production requirements for customers. We can design suitable coal briquette production line for you according to the size of your production sites. In addition to coal briquetting machine, we also produce dry powder briquette machine, desulfurization gypsum briquette machine, mineral powder briquette machine, coal powder briquette machine, etc. Our products have excellent quality and favorable prices. Customers are welcomed to contact us or pay a visit to our company!