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The Types of Dust Removal Equipment for Briquette Machine

Briquette Machine

The waste gas of briquette machine has large air volume, high concentration of dust, high moisture content, high dew point, easy condensation, high pollution emissions and wide pollution ranges, which is the difficult part of the dust removal technology. The waste gas of briquette machine is related to the production conditions of manufacturing factories. There are also some individual enterprises drying multiple materials, which have much production changes, frequent open and stop and large fluctuation range. Moreover, use the coal as the heat source for the drying process; the emissions of sulfur oxides have a corrosive effect on metal products, which brings certain difficulty to the selection of dust remover. After conducting piles of tests, Fote Machinery has put forwarded that there are two kinds of dust removing machines which can be used effectively: cyclone dust collector and bag type dust collector.

Cyclone dust removal machine has low cost and easy operation, which can handle the high temperature gas. It is suitable for gas which contains high dust concentration. The cyclone dust collector relies on the dust particle inertia separation, and its dust removal efficiency and the particle size is proportional to size. It has good dust removing effect of the big particles; for the small size, it will have poor dust removing effect. It generally processes the dust with more than 20 micron, and the dust removal efficiency is 70% ~ 90%.

Bag type dust collector has high stability, easy maintenance and reliable operation, which is recognized by numerous customers. It has excellent dust removing effect to 0.1 micron particles and the dust removal efficiency can reach as high as 99%. With the bag type dust collector, there is no need to consider the exceeding emission problem. The machine adopts anti condensation glass fiber bag precipitator, which is the ideal dust purification equipment. The equipment adopts microcomputer control, sectional reverse and regular cleaning, which is provided with a temperature detection device and over temperature alarm device. The CW300 FcA anti condensation glass fiber filter bag can effectively prevent dewing, so that bag will not be burnt.

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