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How to Control the Water Content of Briquette Machine?

When operating a briquette machine, the reasonable adjustment of water content during its production process is a technical problem. If the material of the production line is too dry, it is easy to appear the two hemispheres and broken phenomena during the pressing process; if the material is too wet, the ball is easy to cause sticky problems or the stuffy phenomenon. So, how to control the water content of briquette machine? As a professional manufacturer of briquette machine, Fote Machinery will explain the methods for you.

During the production process of the machine, the moisture content of the material should be controlled strictly; the moisture control position of raw material is always in the blender. The general water content is 18-20%when the lime and clay are used as the binder for molding; when the binder is paper pulp or humic acid, the content is 10-12%; the composite binder is11-13%; when asphalt is used, the formation water content is 2-4%; the binderless agent brown coal is12-18%; no adhesive weathered coal extrusion molding has15-18% water content; the moisture of binderless molding is less than 12%. The debugging process of briquette machine is not only the adjustment of the equipment, but also a training process for operators and the repairing personnel.

Therefore, if you want to do well in the water debugging of briquette machine, you should make full use of the commissioning phase of the production line, which includes matching the production personnel, establishing the operation team, building and personnel training. In addition, you should be familiar with the process, master the equipment operation procedure and operation technology, so that the production line can be put into operation as soon as possible, which will bring greater economic benefits for customers. Fote Machinery is specializing in developing and producing briquette machine, which has professional technical teams to provide the most excellent ball press machines for customers.