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How to Select the Reducer for Dry Powder Briquette Machine?

For the dry powder briquette machine, the selection of its reducer is important for the whole production line. Different briquette machines have different types of load torque, transmission ratio, output speed, which means that they require different specifications of motor to match. Therefore, when choosing the reducer of dry powder briquette machine, the configuration of reducer must be paid attention to from the comprehensive investigation to avoid inaccurate configuration, which will affect the normal operation and the energy consumption of the machine.

First of all, the input shaft diameter cannot be greater than the provided maximum diameter of the shaft; try to choose the one which is close to the reduction ratio, speed ratio = speed input / output speed.

Secondly, select the appropriate specification of reducer according to the model, load torque, transmission ratio and the speed of motor.

Thirdly, the applicability of reducer should be very high, whose working coefficient can be maintained at more than 1.2, but it depends on your own needs during the selection process.

Fourthly, calculate the torque. For the life of reducer, torque calculation is very important. Pay attention to the maximum torque value of acceleration (TP), whether it is more than the maximum load torque of the reducer.

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