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The Wet Molding Process of High Pressure Briquette Machine

With the development of market economy, a further change has taken place in the high pressure briquette machine industry. The application of high pressure ball machine is more and more extensive: magnesium metal raw material ball pressing, light burned Magnesium Oxide purification, lime kiln and scrap iron powder compacting, large granular fertilizer granulating, activated carbon materials for the ball making and so on. these materials do not add liquid or little mixing, through, the proportion of these materials can be increased by 0.1% - 3% by the suppression of high pressure briquette machine, to improve the shape and properties of materials without adding liquid adhesives, which has provided better technological conditions for the deep processing of materials.

At present, the domestic processing method of briquette coal is wet molding, the briquette machine configured in the production line has no preloading feeder. The reason is mainly is pressed pellet strength of the pulverized coal is too high and the burning effect is not good, which is easy to become black core; on the other hand, the structure of briquette machine has not been improved, and there is no new structure or efficient models, which also makes the briquette production line have no choice in the selection of briquette machine.

However, with the appearance of high pressure briquette machine equipment, the scope of briquette production process has been further expanded. High pressure briquette machine can use wet forming process to complete the suppression of pulverized coal, briquette coal, carbon and other materials, which can increase the initial strength of pellets and reduce the rate of damaged pellets; in the same circumstances, it will decrease the number liquid binder so as to reduce the cost of liquid adhesive pellets and drying pelletizing, increase the density and the proportion of pellets and the transportation costs.

Fote high pressure briquette machine is used for wet molding of briquette, which can achieve the goal of energy saving and less air pollution, which has improved the technology of coal production and provided wide support for the application of briquette coal.