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The Selection Methods of Mineral Powder Briquette Machine

The main facility of briquette machine is forming device, and the key component that impacts its molding efficiency is the roller, which is divided into two types: forging and smelting type. The smelting type has low density and coarse structure, but it is comparatively economic. While the forging type has greater density, tight structure, good abrasion resistance, long service life, advanced ball groove processing technology and reliable operation. Most of them are used for heavy machinery with high voltage, but they have high production costs. Now, after the improvement of the manufacturing process, the configuration and repair are more convenient, which not only reduces repair difficulties for customers, but also brings great more convenient to users.

The produced balls can be sold or put into use after drying process. Because the sizes of the balls are not the same, their pressing pressures are also different. You should choose a molding machine that its molding pressure can adjusted according to your actual economic conditions. Because mineral powder briquette machine is widely used at present, in addition to the bad working environment of briquette press, so you should choose a machine which is made of the best materials to make it durable.

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