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The Four Inspection Points of the Briquette Machine

The inspection of the components is the most important aspect of checking briquetting machine. The briquette press and its parts should be examined to determine related treatment measures. In the detection process, the parts must be checked one by one, the main contents can be divided into the following aspects:

1. The inspection of surface quality. The maintenance work of surface quality includes the finish of its surface. In addition, pay attention to whether its surface has scratching, burning and galling defects.

2. The inspection of latent defects. During the manufacturing process of briquetting machine, there are some original defects such as internal slag, void and so on. The micro cracks will appear during its processing period. These defects will not be found directly from the general observation and tests, but they will have great impact on the machine. Therefore, during its maintenance process, a comprehensive testing of briquette machine must be conducted with specific purposes.

3. The inspection of geometry precision. Geometric precision includes size precision shape precision and position precision. But sometimes the repairing work does not mean the geometric dimensions of individual pressure ball machine parts, but the relative precision between components, which is one of the most important link in the process of detection.

4. The inspection of mechanical properties. According to the maintenance characteristics of briquette press, other indicators needn’t to be checked in addition to the hardness of materials which belongs to mechanical properties. However, for some manufacturing and maintenance problems such as balance conditions or the spring stiffness, they must be examined strictly.