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The Classification of the Crusher Hammerheads

During the functioning of impact crusher, the hammerhead receives striking and erosion of materials, which brings great abrasion to it. The replacement of it not only wastes a lot of metal materials, but also influences its productivity.

The most important part of impact crusher is its hammerhead. The material and casting process of hammerhead influence its service life. Only by qualified hammerhead can we produce qualified products. Generally speaking, the hammerhead is more abrasive resistant if it is harder. Currently, the classification of the crusher hammerheads is carbide hammerhead, high manganese steel hammerhead and high chrome hammerhead. We will explain these three hammerheads in detail:

Carbide hammerhead: it has features like high hardness, high flexure strength, high thermal toughness, etc. it can solve problems like crack, sealing-off, and chip off-falling which are common for high manganese steel materials. The carbide hammerhead has wide application range and is suitable for nearly all crushing industry.

High chromium alloy hammer: this material is not often used in impact crusher because high chromium alloy has weak toughness. The hammer carrier is needed to support impact crusher, if not, the crusher is easily to break.

High manganese steel hammer: it has features like high toughness, advanced process and relatively low price. Its main feature is that its surface will experience work hardening (5-7 times higher than other materials) rapidly under great impact or contact stress. But high manganese steel hammer has a high requirement to the whole performance of impact crusher. If the physical impact or the contact stress is not enough, the work hardening will not appear rapidly and its wear resistance will not be played out fully.

These are three kinds of hammerheads of impact crusher, and Fote Machinery recommends the customers to choose crusher scientifically according to their actual need and achieve 'environmentally friendly crushing' and 'hammerhead application with materials consideration'. Apply hammerhead reasonably and scientifically.