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Technological Advantages of Coal Slime Dryer after Reform

The continuous innovation and progress of mining machinery industry makes it achieve the high-end level in technology which is the core concept of machinery production industry. In the recent years, Fote Machinery always adheres to independent research and development and tries to develop high-end products. With the development of social economy, Fote dryer is widely applied in all kinds of industry. Coal slime dryer is a highly efficient and energy-saving machine produced with advanced technology. It develops into mature period after over and over experiment.

Coal slime dryer is not only a show of advanced technology, but also a symbol of qualified mining machinery. Fote coal slime dryer, based on the reform of previous dryers, has some technological breakthrough which is mainly shown in the following three aspects:

First, Fote coal slime dryer has strong adaptability and high automatic degree. The automatic control of temperature and humidity of materials can not only control the drying effect and avoid jam phenomenon, but also improve its adaptability to materials with different moisture content obviously.

Second, Fote coal slime dryer dries materials depending on the materials's weight drop. We can adopt the regulable damping coefficient which can reduce dust, avoid wind tunnel and save much power of rotary system and environmental protection system.

Third, Fote coal slime dryer can balance the quality and quantity of products according to the drying detection system. The drying effect can be controlled effectively no matter how high the primary moisture content of materials is.

It is the responsibility of enterprises to conduct the principle of energy conservation and emissions reduction, so the wide application of coal slime dryer is in accordance with the national policy of energy saving. Fote Machinery always considers 'the integration of research, production and sale' as its enterprise principle. Fote Machinery has many types of dryers like drum dryer and indirect heat transfer dryer etc. Welcome your coming!