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How to Improve the Hardness of Briquette Ball Press Machine?

Briquette coal ball press machine has been widely used for pressing the briquette into balls. The hardness of pressed ball is the problem that everybody cares most. In order to reduce the damage rate of the ball, its hardness is needed to be improved. So how to improve the hardness of the ball, there are mainly three methods for you:

(1) Certain amount of moisture can serve as lubricating oil to reduce internal friction of molding system and improve the mechanical strength of briquette. If there is too much water, the water layer of particle surface will become thick, which will affect the fully dense interaction between particles and reduce the mechanical strength of briquette. In addition, too much water will be easy for cracking during the drying process of the coal, so that the coal prone to fragmentation;

(2) If you adopt the hydrophilic binder, moderate amount of water will pre-wet the surface of particles, which is conducive to the bond among particles. If too much water, it may lead to the variation adhesive effect. The proper forming amount of water is about 10%-15%;

(3) If you adopt the hydrophobic binder, the content of water will reduce the effect of binder, so the general control of the water content should be below 4%. In short, the moisture content of material should be flexibly according to the actual situation, which should be controlled in an optimum range.

Through the ways mentioned above, the balls pressed by briquette ball press machine will not be easily broken, thus it will facilitate the use and transportation for the next process. Fote Machinery is specializing in developing and producing briquette ball press machine, which has professional technical teams to provide the most excellent ball press machines for customers.