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Briquette Coal Ball Press Machine Is Energy Saving

Briquette coal ball press machine is widely used, which not only saves resources but also brings huge economic benefits for us. Briquette coal ball press machine presses pulverized coal into ball shape, which increases its resistance to burning, reduces the pollution of the environment and makes it convenient for transportation. Briquette coal ball press machine is in accordance with the economic development in China, so it is fully approved by heavy industry.

In addition to environmental requirements, performance requirements are also taken into consideration when the coal is burnt, which include high calorific value and combustible nature. Coal gasification users require high fixed carbon content and large gas production capacity, thus, the high ash and low fixed carbon content of briquette coal has no market competitiveness and benefit. In short, whether it is converted instantly or sold distantly, the price of briquette coal is 2 to 3 times higher than raw coal. There is no doubt that it will increase the burden of users in underdeveloped areas. Therefore, from the environmental perspective, briquette coal should be promoted medium and large cities which have large population and relatively developed economy.

Briquette coal ball press machine can press coal powder, coke powder, coal gangue, and fly ash into ball shape. It not only reduces energy consumption, but also promotes the sustainable development strategy in China. There are many ball press machine manufacturers, when buying briquette coal ball press machine, you should choose the manufacturer who has real technical strengths. If you have problems about technology, quality or related accessories, please contact us at the first time. We sincerely hope that Fote ball press machine can bring more benefits to customers!