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Main Factors Affecting Working Performance of Cone Crusher

Cone crusher machine is a crushing machine with very complicated working principle, and there are many factors influencing its working performance, like design structure and unreasonable operation in the using process. Regarding the structural composition and working principle of rock cone crusher, Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. proposes the main factors affecting the economic performance of cone crusher, which are mainly the following three aspects.

1. Cavity design of Symons cone crusher

The crushing chamber of a cone crusher is the space for crushing work between movable cone and fixed cone. The cavity of a rock cone crusher is the fundamental factor influencing the performance indexes such as production efficiency, energy consumption and crushing degree of cone crushers, for this reason, reasonable cavity design is an important guarantee for the working performance of cone crushers.

2. Design of working parameters

The working parameters of cone crushers are also important factors influencing the working performance of this crusher machine. Reasonable design of working parameters of a crushing machine will be directly reflected on the influence of running speed of main shaft on the movement rules of materials to be crushed and will finally reflect the working efficiency of cone breakers.

3. Distance of rotational motion of crushing chamber

The distance of rotational motion of the crushing chamber of cone crusher is also an important factor affecting its working performance. When the distance increases, it will directly improve the crushing compression ratio inside the crushing chamber and the quality of crushed products, thus improving the working performance. On the contrary, when the distance decreases, it will directly reduce the crushing compression ratio inside the crushing chamber and the product quality, thus reducing the working performance of cone crusher.

The development of crushing equipment is an important signal of the development level of construction and mining industry of a country. The constant expansion of construction and mining industry in our country leads to constant improvement of requirement for the performance of crusher equipment, for this reason, how to improve the design level of crushing equipment to reach international advanced level is an imperative question. Through analyzing the structure and working principle of cone crushers, Fote Machinery, as the leading cone crusher manufacturer in China, puts forwards the influencing factors of the working performances of cone breaker such as high efficiency, energy conservancy, environmental protection and economy, thus proving reference material for further researching and improving the performance of crushing machine.