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Introduction to Main Types and Features of Drying Equipment

Fote Machinery believes that drying equipment is not unfamiliar to everyone, and yes, the drying cylinder of the washing machine used in our daily life is also one type of drying machine. Today Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. will introduce industrial dryer machine.

Industrial dryers have various types which can be used in different working places. Then what are the main types of dying equipment? Industrial dryer is mainly divided into rotary dryer, coal slime dryer, coal ash dryer, roller dryer, interval dryer, three-cylinder roller dryer, rotary dryer, drum dryer, slag dryer, compound fertilizer dryer, energy-saving dryer, desulfurization gypsum dryer, sawdust dryer and chick manure dryer.

Generally speaking, a drying machine is used for drying materials. However, different types of drying equipment should be chosen according to the water content of materials to be dried, different requirement of dried materials and the texture of materials. These industrial dryers have the following features:

1. Fote rotary dryers adopt automatic control device, so that only by adjusting the drying time through the control panel can the dryer equipment complete the whole drying process.

2. The cylinder is made of excellent stainless steel with high heat resistance, and the cylinder is attractive and smooth in the internal, making it durable.

3. The high-efficient radiator, combined with separated chilly wind path, can make the hot air directly contact the materials, thus greatly improving the drying efficiency and saving energy.

4. Feeding mouth with big diameter is convenient for materials to go in.

5. Excellent heat exchanger and timed control positive and negative rotation can further improve the drying efficiency and quality of final products.

6. This drying equipment has simple structure, convenient operation and safety and high efficiency.