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How to Maintain Jaw Crusher to Enhance its Productive Capacity?

Jaw crusher is the most frequently used crushing equipment in mining industry, as it not only has strong crushing ability and reliable operation, but is the most economical. Then how to maintain a jaw crusher to enhance its productive capacity and extend its service life? The detailed methods are introduced here by experts of Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

1. Regularly stop China jaw crusher for troubleshooting.

Regularly stop China jaw crusher to check the abrasion condition of the internal spare parts such as center feeding pipe, upper and lower runner lining board of impeller and wear-resisting parts, and timely change the seriously-abraded parts and repair the spare parts that are slightly damaged. In addition, pay attention to making sure that the specification and models of the changed parts are the same with that of original parts.

2. Regularly adjust the degree of tightness of the conveyor belt.

Conveyor belt is an important part of jaw crushing machine in the stone crushing process and all the materials must be conveyed by a belt conveyor to be sent between materials. For this reason, it is necessary to adjust the conveyor belt to ensure even degree of tightness to reduce abrasion and extend its service life. If it is seriously abraded, timely change it.

3. The lubrication of main parts.

To ensure the normal operation of the machine and extend its service life, it is necessary to regularly add lubricating grease.

In the use of jaw breaker, only by learning more professional knowledge can prolong its service life and improve its working efficiency. For this reason, the operators should constantly learn knowledge about the operation and maintenance of jaw crushing machine and constantly improve their operational skills in the working process.