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Ball Press Machine Has Made Huge Contributions to Society

After many years of development, Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. has become one of the leading manufacturers of mining machinery equipment, which has established production department, technical research department, professional after-sales service team and kept coordination work with each department. So far, Fote Machinery has accumulated a large number of technical and sales experience and formed unique and professional development and business model. The ore powder ball press machine, coal briquette press machine, strong pressure ball machine and other ball press machines produced by our company have provided strong support for implementation of national policies such as energy conservation and emission reduction, environmental protection, recycling economy, etc.

Ball press machine of Fote Machinery can press powder materials into ball at a time without any glue. The ball pressing rate can be reached more than 90%. The pressed ball has strong hardness, which will not crush during transportation and load and unload processes, which has the advantages of energy conservation, environmental protection and easy to transport and improves cyclic utilization rate of waste, and which has good economic and social benefits. the birth of ball press machine has made huge contributions to society.

1. Developing coal briquette can effectively save energy and improve utilization rate of coal.

2. Ball press machine can effectively reduce environmental pollution and protect environment to a certain extent.

3. Coal briquette has low technology investment, short building period and fast effect, which ranks top among clean coal technologies. Currently, promotion of coal briquette is developing toward good direction. Market prospect of both ordinary ball press machine and dry powder ball press machine is based on energy conservation, environmental protection and technological progress.

Since its inception, Fote Machinery always follows world advanced level and continuously innovate to pursue perfection. A number of excellent mechanical design talents of our company have mastered advanced technology of mechanical industry in the long-term practice, which make our products always in the invincible position. At present, under the support of new and old customers, the ball press machines of Fote Machinery are best-selling at home and abroad.