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The Technical Process of Dryer Powder Ball Press Machine

Dryer powder ball press machine is a machine commonly used in the industry. The research and development of this machine excellent solves the problem of resource waste, so that it is well received by the customers. For this reason, it is necessary to learn something about its production technology. In the production process of dryer powder ball press machine, the following related to the technical process and operation procedure should be noted:

In the using process of this equipment, first check whether there is sufficient pressure on the pressing part. Turn the switch of the pouring mixer to automatic state, confirm the sample connection mouth, shut the valve and turn on the force feeder machine. Second, in the material pressing process, make sure all the raw materials are added into the ball press machine and control the pressure of this machine before the normal work. Properly adjust the pressing parameters and moulding parameters to ensure the smooth work of the briquette machine. In addition, pay attention the normal use of the equipment and exact adjustment of the dozing. Finally, when the pressure of the ball press machine reaches the standard, begin the material feeding. After the machine runs for 3-5mins and the temperature reaches 42-450℃, begin feed materials to the machine. After feeding, mix the materials for 20-30 seconds and begin pressing. After one day’s work, clean the mixer and the accessory equipment and then turn off all the valves and make sure all the switches are turned off.

Dry powder ball press machine is playing an important role in the utilization of metallurgical industry and it is mainly used for the pelleting of ferrous and non-ferrous metal ore powders, thus improving their added value, for this reason, it is very necessary to know its technical process.