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The Importance of Operating Debugging of Ball Press Machine

Before being put into production, ball press machine should be debugged. Before leaving the factory, Fote Machinery will test and run every static pressure ball machine. Then after purchasing the machine, customers should also carry out experiment and debugging and run the machine under the guidance of the ball press machine manufacturing company. Here, experts of Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. will talk about the importance of operating debugging of ball press machine:

1. Fixation of dry powder ball pressing machine.

A dry powder ball pressing machine should be fixed onto the foundation of cement concrete. After being fixed by foundation bolt, pour again concrete to make sure the dry powder ball pressing machine is operated in a stable environment to avoid vibration.

2. Lubrication of anode paste briquetting machine.

Before the operation, add engine oil on the gear and seal it to prevent sand dust from going inside and cause abrasion and damage to the gear.

3. Examination of power supply of high pressure ball machine.

Before operating high pressure ball machine, it is necessary to test the correctness of the wire to ensure the normal operation of the machine and avoid rupture and wreck of rotor due to wrong direction.