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How Can Avoid Glitches in the Running Process of Combination Crusher?

Combination crusher, which can also be called compound crusher, is one of the commonly used machines in stone production line and sand making production line. Combination crusher is a new type of fine crushing and coarse grinding product researched and manufactured by combining with the technology of the same type of crushers in domestic and foreign market and optimizing the main technical parameters of impact crusher and hammer crusher machine. For this reason, compound crusher has the advantages of both impact breaker and hammer mill crusher and it is mainly used for crushing cement raw materials and clinker in medium and small-sized crushing plant and for crushing building sand, iron ore, sand ore, gypsum, gangue, lump coal and other ores with medium hardness. As it has many outstanding features such as big crushing ratio, low energy consumption, stable operation, simple structure and convenient maintenance, it is a real new type of crushing plant with multiple application, high efficiency and low production cost. Then how can we avoid the glitches in the running process of combination crusher? Here the experts of Fote Machinery will discuss this question according their experience.

1. How to avoid excess temperature of bearing in the daily working process of compound crusher?

First check whether lubricating grease is sufficient and the lubrication oil should be 50% of the volume of the bearing pedestal; timely clean the bearing and change lubricating grease; if the bearing is seriously abraded, it is necessary to change it.

2. How to deal with the loud noise inside the crushing chamber?

Immediately shut the power of the crusher down, stop the machine and clean the crushing chamber. Check whether there are non-crushable materials going into the crushing chamber. If there is fierce vibration in the running process of the machine, check the fastening condition of the lining board and the gap between hammers and lining board and check whether the wear-resisting lining board falls off.

3. How to deal with the big granularity in the discharging process?

Adjust the gap between the front and back impact frame or change the seriously abraded lining board and plate hammers. Adjust the position of impact frame to make sure their sides have sufficient relative gap between the machine frame to ensure the discharging granularity.