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What Aspects Does the Testing Work of Coal Ball Press Machine Include?

The testing work of coal ball press machine is to ensure the equipment operating normally. The testing work on spare parts is one important step. During the testing, spare parts generally need to be checked one by one. The main content covers the following several aspects

1. The inspection on part precision

Part precision includes dimension precision, shape and position precision. But sometimes the inspection work is not to get parts' dimension of single coal ball press machine, but to require the cooperating precision. This is an important link in the testing work.

Coal Ball Press Machine

2. The inspection on equipment defects and loopholes

In the production of coal briquette machine, there may be some slag inclusion, voids and caverns or other defects. When coal ball press machine is working, it's easy to generate microscopic cracks and causes bad effects on the quality of the balls formed. Therefore, we must carry out thorough test directing at the coal ball press machine.

3. The inspection on the surface of coal ball press machine

In the overhaul, surface inspection is not only to detect the surface brightness, but also to carefully check if there are scratches, burning losses, burrs or other defects.

Strictly mastering the technical standards and improving the technological level of inspection and operation is one crucial measure to ensure the quality of machine parts. To this end, we must attach great importance to improving inspection technology. For some special and important equipment, we must provide specialized training to the operating staff.