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What Results in Irregular Ball Shape of Ball Press Machine?

It is an instantaneous process for the opposite rollers of ball press machine to extruding and forming. But there are a lot of reasons that can result in irregular ball shape. Today we will explain for you one by one.

1. The control of moisture content. The moisture content of raw material is reasonable when within the range of 5% to 9%. When the moisture content is too low, it's hard to molding. When the moisture content is too high, it will lead to waste and increase the drying cost.

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2. The pressure of ball mill press. This factor is related to granulation rate, ball density and intensity. If the pressure is too small, ball density and intensity will be correspondingly low, and the ball edge will be surrounded by burrs. If the pressure is too big, the possibility of hemisphere will increase greatly and the ball density will become too high, with low clearance rate. It also can result in combustion difficulty and insufficient combustion and aggravate equipment's burden and energy consumption. Through our repeated trials and errors, we finally conclude that it is appropriate to control the liner pressure of the rollers between 7t/cm and 9t/cm.

3. The control on the feeding procedure. During the production of ball press machine, the raw materials supplied to the two roller skins must be uniform, so as to guarantee a even and stable extrusion and higher granulation rate and ball quality.

4. The shape and size of the ball. The balls are generally in ball or pillow shape. Because such shapes are easy to mold and have a higher stability. Besides, the contact area between the balls is relatively small.