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Something We Need to Know When Choosing Roller Skin for Ball Press Machine

There are many types and models of ball press machines. Ball press machine generally consists of three parts: the feeding part, rolling part and forming part. The forming part is the main body of ball press machine and the compression roller which we often refer to as roller skin, is the core part of the forming part. So we can say that the quality of the roller skin directly determines the quality of ball press machine.

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What determines the quality of the roller skin of coal ball press machine? Undoubtedly, it is the material. There are a variety of materials which can be used as the manufacturing materials of ball press machine, such as ordinary steel, alloy steel, spheroidal graphite, 45 # cast steel, 27 silicon manganese, cast iron and so forth. Our company more prefers to use cast 65Mn, forged 9cr2Mn, die casting alloy steel and etc. to make roller skin.

Which material to buy is also determined by the raw materials needing to be suppressed and product granularity. When the required strength of the coal briquettes is not high, we can choose ordinary materials; when the strength is required high, then we have to choose special materials to make the roller skin. This can not only prolong ball press machine's service life, but also reduce the cost.

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