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Burning Briquette Coal Has a Significance of Protecting Our Environment

Environmental pollution is getting increasingly serious. More and more dust and harmful gases are released into the air, which seriously threats people's life and healthy. Accompanied by economic progresses, a number of coal-fired boilers springs up, thus the gases containing a large amount of dust particles are discharged into the atmosphere. Though our economy has a fast development, we have lost the beautiful blue sky and white clouds.

coal briquetting machine

Briquette coal is a kind of clean coal energy, worthy of promotion. Coal briquetting machine can suppress raw coal into balls to be used for combustion. By adding a certain amount of binding agent, raw coal can be made into briquette coal with better burning effect and higher economic benefits. Briquette coal has even granularity, small powder content and low dust content of the flue gas. Therefore, its pollution to the atmosphere is relative low compared with raw coal. Besides, briquette coal has a wealth of microcellular structures, ensuring a good burning effect.

Now our nation attaches great importance to environment protection, for example, forbid coal-fired boilers from burning raw coal directly. Compared with the direct combustion of raw coal, burning briquette coal not only improves the utilization rate of coal, but also reduces the emissions of dust particles, and has important significance for environment protection.

Coal briquetting machine or coal briquetting production line by means of a series of forming processes of coal blending, additive addition and stew process, has a lot of modifying and optimizing functions on raw coal, such as bring down its viscosity, resist its fusibility, increase reactive activity, improve thermal stability, promote mechanical strength and sulfur fixation.