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The Briquetting Ratio of Lime Ball Press Machine Determines Enterprise Revenue

During the production process of lime ball press machine, what we care about most is material briquetting ratio. Because the briquetting ratio of lime ball press machine can directly determine enterprise revenue. In response to this problem, Fote Machinery has improved its ball press machine from many aspects. In the normal production, the briquetting ratio of lime powder is about 90%, but some users reflect that their briquetting ratio is only 60% or 70%. Then how to improve this situation? Fote Machinery suggests the users paying attention to the following several points.

Lime Ball Press Machine

1. It is important to note that the equipment power must be strong enough.

2. The clearance between the roller sheets must be lower than 1 mm. If the clearance is excessive, there will be a large amount of material powder flowing out during the extrusion process and affects the molding pressure.

3. Properly adjust the pressure between the roller sheets and especially the rotating speed of the spiral compression. In general, the electromagnetism speed regulation motor should be at a speed of 200-250r/min for the best.

4. The alignment of the spherical pits. Make sure the molds aligned with each other and ensure the deviation less than 3 mm.

5. Control the roller sheets' rotating speed, generally at 8-9r/min for the best. If the rotating sped is too high, it will influence the molding pressure and makes the stress time too short and molding intensity not strong enough.

If customers who have bought our lime ball press machine and now is suffering such problems of low briquetting ratio and insufficient ball intensity, please amend timely with reference to the above points, so as to keep your equipment at the best running state.