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Why does Sales Volume of Impact Crusher Ranks Highly?

As is known, the sales volume of impact crushing machine has been in a steady upward trend, which happens by no accidents.

(1) Strong power.

CAT industrial dynamo with reliable drive and advanced equipment with high efficiency and low pollution can provide power for the work of impact crusher and the walk of this whole machine, making it economical and durable. Self-regulation clutch with electro-hydraulic operation transition output power makes the transmission high efficiency and convenient to control.

(2) The main machine has advanced structure which is solid and durable.

(3) This China impact crusher is made of high-hard materials which are wear and impact resisting and is convenient to be maintained and changed. The stone reshaping output size can be easily adjusted by operating the hydraulic pump and oil cylinder. In addition, this machine is equipped with wear monitoring and overload cushion protective device.

(3) High efficiency, simple and convenient operation, multiple types, comprehensive specification and wide application.

The processing grade of China impact crusher can be divided into many types, including super coarse crushing, coarse crushing, medium coarse crushing and fine crushing and the minimum size of the final products can reach 13mm and the production efficiency can reach as high as 500t/h.

As the impact crusher machine of Fote Machinery is innovated and upgraded on the basis of introducing advanced technology from Germany, in the using process, it is more intelligent and humanized. In addition, the impact crusher produced by our company also includes hydraulic impact crusher which has been put into use in some foreign projects and has shown good crushing effect.