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Purchase Common Sense of Briquetting Machine

In purchase of a commodity, customers may be misguided by some dazzling advertising and false information. Even more serious is heavy losses. So, in case of being cheated, we need make preparations for our purchase, especially for the large-scale and high-price equipments, for example, the briquetting machine. Now Henan Fote Heavy Machinery will introduce some buying common sense of briquetting machine.

Briquetting Machine

1. You need have the knowledge of the main components, the easily worn parts and the key maintenance parts of the briquetting machine. This helps you understand how to choose the components and extend the using time of the equipment.

2. Buy the suitable briquetting machine equipment according to characteristics of your materials and the various indexes of your finished products.

3. According to the scale of your workshop, you need choose suitable area to place your briquetting machine.

4. Analyze the production capacity of your finished products, then budget your production scales.

At last you can confirm the model of the briquetting machine.

5. Know optimal prescription of the briquetting products well. Make a full plane of the proportion between the raw materials and the binder with the ingredient. You need pay attention to the environmental protection. This is also the key factor of the machines' success.

Through the above common sense, I believe you have known how to buy briquetting machines. Then you can go to the actual operation. Welcome to consult use! Email: